Ellen Marie Hagen

parents:  Erick Hanson Hagen and Randi Marie Sandersdatter


Birth:  04 Jul 1867  Hakadal, Akershus, Norway
Death:  09 Apr 1956  Rolla, Rolette, ND
Burial:  Rolla Cemetery, Rolla, Rolette, ND

Marriage #1

Erick Edward Holum

1896  Starbuck, Pope, MN


Elmer Melvin Holum 09 Sep 1897
Agnes Mathilda Holum  22 Apr 1899
Olga Helene Holum 18 Oct 1901
William Holum 28 May 1904 (died at birth)
Walter Holum 28 May 1904
Clarence William Holum 25 Sep 1906
Ruth Evelyn Holum 20 Jan 1909
Alice Edelia Holum 31 Mar 1911

1880 Federal census Erickson, Renville, MN - age 14
1900 Federal census Barsness, Pope, MN - age 32
1910 Federal census Barsness, Pope, MN - age 43
1920 Federal census Baxter, Rolette, ND - age 53
1930 Federal census  Baxter, Rolette, ND - age 58
1940 Federal census Baxter, Rolla, ND - age 74
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Miscellaneous Information

1) I have a copy of immigration papers of Ellen Marie Hagen.  Marie emigrated from Nittedalen, Norway to Monroe Co, Wisconsin in May 1874.

2) I have a copy of Marie (Hagen) Holum's obituary.

Photos and/or signatures

photos from the collection of Valerie Boman (except as noted)

Ellen Marie Hagen

c. 1885

photo owned by Evelyn Ruth (Holum) Ward


Erick Holum and Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum
(probably a wedding photo)

unknown date

back: Inger Marie (Holum) Eggum, Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum, Annie (Holum) Nelson
front: Alice, Ruth and Agnes Holum

c. 1914

thanks to Corrine (Holum) Olsen for this photo


Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum 
with her children
left to right: Evelyn Ruth, Walter, Olga, 
Agnes Matilda, Elmer and Alice

c. 1945


Marie (Hagen) Holum (on right) and
her niece, Ida Disrud

unknown date


Erick and Ellen's house in North Dakota

unknown date


Erick and Marie's home

unknown date

thanks to Greg Booen for this photo

Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum 
82nd birthday

04 Jul 1949

Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum

unknown date

Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum

exact date unknown, but c. 1950-1955

thanks to Greg Booen for this photo

Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum

Mt Pleasant Cemetery
Rolla, Rolette, North Dakota

photo taken by Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman




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