Ruth Evelyn Holum

parents:  Erick Edward Holum and Ellen Marie Hagen


Birth:  20 Jan 1909  Starbuck, Pope, MN
Death:  19 Apr 2009  Austin, Travis, TX 

Marriage #1

William Lyle Ward

27 Nov 1928  Rolette Co, ND (Rev. Clark)


Barbara Elizabeth Ward living?
James Duane Ward living?
Loren Hugh Ward 20 Sep 1935
Allan Winfield Ward 08 Oct 1937
Milton Raymond Ward living?
Gerald William Ward 13 Apr 1942
Carole Beth Ward living?
Darrell Robert Ward living?

notes regarding the children of William Lyle Ward and Ruth Evelyn (Holum) Ward

1910 Federal census Barsness, Pope, MN - age 1
1920 Federal census   Baxter, Rolette, ND - age 10
1930 Federal census Baxter, Rolette, ND - 18 Apr 1930 - age 21
Minnesota Records Online Birth records; death records
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Personal knowledge Memories of Ruth Evelyn (Holum) Ward
Family records Records and photos belonging to Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman
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Miscellaneous Information

1) The first time Ruth voted in the U.S. Presidential Election was when she was 21 years old.  Her father, Erick, took her to vote.  This was for the election of Herbert Hoover, who served from 1929-1933.

2) I have a transcription of an extensive interview I did with my grandma - Ruth Evelyn (Holum) Ward - October 2005.  She was nearly 97 years old at the time. 

3) Newspaper article regarding Ruth's 99th birthday celebration.

4) I have a signed Christmas card that my grandma (Ruth) sent me for Christmas 2008.

5) Photos from Ruth's 100th birthday celebration on 20 Jan 2009, Austin, Texas. 

6) Newspaper article regarding Ruth's 100th birthday celebration.

7) I have a copy of Ruth's obituary


Photos and/or signatures

photos from the collection of Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman (except as noted)

Ruth Holum 

c. 1912
Starbuck Minnesota

Ruth Holum (left) and her sister, Alice

c. 1914
Starbuck, Minnesota

back: Inger Marie (Holum) Eggum, Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum, Annie (Holum) Nelson
front: Alice, Ruth and Agnes Holum

c. 1914


Olga, Alice, Agnes and Ruth Holum

c. 1914
Starbuck, Minnesota


Ruth (middle row, far left)

c. 1915


Ruth Holum - middle row, 2nd from right

01 May 1922
St John, North Dakota


Ellen Marie Holum (Ruth's mother)
Ruth Holum (right) and 
unknown woman in middle

unknown date

Ruth and Lyle's children 
Loren, Barbara, Jimmy, Allan and Milton

c. 1942 
Willow Springs, Missouri

Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum 
with her children
left to right: Evelyn Ruth, Walter, Olga, 
Agnes Matilda, Elmer and Alice

c. 1945

Ruth (Holum) Ward photos - page 2




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