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Last name First name Birth year Death year
Hagestuen    Alice Evelyn 1903 possibly 2001
Hagestuen    Arnold Omar 1905 1988 or 1989
Hagestuen    Hasel 1901 possibly 1990
Hagestuen    Lucille 1908 or 1910 possibly 1980
Hagestuen    Mabel C 1900 possibly 1989
Hagestuen    Ole Martin * 1874 1967
Halgrims    Cecelia * 1850 1930
Halgrims    unknown unknown unknown
Halvorson    Christ c. 1885 1963
Halvorson    Jerome 1912 1995
Halvorson    Ole unknown unknown
Halvorson    Phyllis living? living?
Halvorson    Richard living? living?
Hampson Theodore unknown unknown
Hanson   Grace unknown unknown
Hanson    Permille D "Nellie" * 1855 1930
Harney Joann Ray living? living?
Harney Kenneth living? living?
Harney Kenneth Paynter * 1921 2002
Harney Sharon Rose living? living?
Harney Tracy living? living?
Harrell Alice unknown unknown
Harris Bruce living? living?
Harris Carla living? living?
Harris Dale Richard living? living?
Harris Janet living? living?
Harstad    Marilyn living? living?
Hauk    Verna living? living?
Hawkins David living? living?
Hawkins Wayne living? living?
Hefta    Helen T * 1916 living?
Hegge    Christine living? living?
Hegge    Christine Ann living? living?
Hegge    David living? living?
Hegge    Frederick "Fritz" 1915 1976
Hegge   Frederick living? living?
Hegge    Micheal living? living?
Hegge   Ruth Michelle living? living?
Hegge    Terry Micheal living? living?
Hegge    Thomas living? living?
Heil Margaretha c. 1884 1979
Heisig    unknown living? living?
Helmer Alvin William 1902 unknown
Helmer Andrew 1871 or 1873 possibly 1952
Helmer Clifford Clarence 1906 possibly 1969
Helmer Eva Ella Agnes possibly 1918 possibly 2002
Helmer Janie Alpha Omega 1909 possibly 1989
Helmer Lois Wilhelmina "Mina" 1913 possibly 1995
Helmer Wallace Earlscort *  1899 possibly 1959
Helmer Wilfred Andrew "Fred" 1901 possibly 1964
Helmer William John "Calvin" possibly 1911 possibly 1945
Hendricks Ann living? living?
Henke Ernestine * 1871 1915
Herwig    Charles C * 1917 2004
Herwig    Dale living? living?
Herwig    Doug living? living?
Herwig    Jayne living? living?
Herwig    Jon living? living?
Herwig    Richard B unknown unknown
Hirsh Joan Carol * living? living?
Hirsh Joseph unknown unknown
Hirsh Magdaline Grace "Maggie" * 1921 2011
Hirsh Nancy Marie living? living?
Hirsh Norman Peter * 1915 1984
Hirsh Sandra living? living?
Hirsh Susan living? living?
Hollenback  Virginia Mae living? living?
Holmes Myrtle Otteson unknown unknown
Holt Crystal living? living?
Holt Holly living? living?
Holt Wayne Leroy 1936 1983






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