Biberdorf Family

Eleonore (Brokop) Biberdorf

Edward F Biberdorf

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The Biberdorf genealogy that is found on this website begins with:
Edward F Biberdorf
b. 1859 Russia
d. 1902 Bottineau, North Dakota
Eleonore Brokop
b. 1861 Russia
d. 1943 Bottineau, North Dakota

I am unable to find records that conclusively point to the parentage of Edward F Biberdorf, but it appears that his father was Friederich Bieberdorf, and his mother was Charlotte Bieberdorf (a cousin).  Because I have photos of Edward and Eleonore, we will begin with them - for now.

 Edward and Eleonore were Germans that lived in Russia.  They emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1899, and settled in McHenry County, North Dakota.  Edward and Eleonore married c. 1877, and they had nine children from 1878-1901 (Eleonore had one more child when she remarried after Edward's death).  The majority of the Biberdorfs in this line settled in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Oregon.






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