Eleonore Brokop

parents: Daniel Brokopp and Caroline Fleinke


Birth:  09 Jun 1861  Russia
Death:  04 Feb 1943  Bottineau, Bottineau, ND
Burial:  Zion Lutheran Cemetery (aka Kramer Cemetery), Kramer, Bottineau, ND

Marriage #1

Edward F Biberdorf

02 Dec 1880  Zhitomir Parish, Volhynia, Russia


Ida Eleonore Biberdorf 21 Oct 1882
Rudolphina ("Fina") Biberdorf 14 Jun 1884
unknown born & died before 1900
unknown born & died before 1900
unknown born & died before 1900
unknown born & died before 1900
Bernhard ("Ben") Biberdorf 12 Dec 1896
Erick Biberdorf 28 Mar 1899
Herman Bieberdorf 31 Dec 1901

notes regarding the children of Edward F Biberdorf and Eleanore (Brokop) Biberdorf

Marriage #2

August (Gustav) Rosenau



Wanda Bertha Rosenau 06 Jul 1905

1900 Federal census Mc Henry Co, ND - age 39
1910 Federal census Mc Henry Co, ND - age 49
1920 Federal census Mc Henry Co, ND - age 58
1930 Federal census Mouse River, McHenry, ND - age 68
Mc Henry County, ND  Courthouse Death records; guardianship papers; County Auditor papers
Volhynia Files, St. Petersburg Archives Birth records; Marriage records
Family Bible Birth and marriage entries
Personal knowledge Viewed and photographed tombstones
Family records Records kept by Norrine (Biberdorf) Sletto 
Family research Research belonging to Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman

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Miscellaneous Information
1) There is a discrepancy in spelling:  In the family Bible (and in St. Petersburg records), the name is spelled Eleonore, but most often it is seen as Elenora.  For consistency, I have spelled it as it is written in the family Bible - Eleonore. 

2) Eleonore emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1899, and was naturalized in PA.  At the time of the 1910 census, she could not speak English, nor could she read or write.

3) On 09 May 1908, Eleonore's second husband, Gustav, was appointed guardian of three of Eleonore's children (Bernhard, Erick and Herman) from her first marriage to Edward Biberdorf.  

4) I have copies of five documents and letters that refer to the crops that Eleonore's husband (Gustav) raised on the land that was willed to his step-children (Bernhard, Erick and Herman) by their father, Edward Biberdorf.  Gustav was guardian of those children, and the money earned from the crops that were raised on that land had to be documented and given to the children. The letters are dated from December 1908 to October 1914. 

5) I have a copy of Eleonore's obituary; cause of death: myocarditis and endocarditis.

Photos and/or signatures

Eleonore's parents - 
 Caroline Fleinke and Daniel Brokop 

unknown date

The Biberdorf family:
Fina and Ida (back row)
Ben and Erick
Eleonore (holding Herman)

c. 1902

photos taken from pictures owned by Norrine (Biberdorf) Sletto


The Rosenau house as it was in the 1940s

A journey back:
The Rosenau house as it was in 1991

photo taken from a picture owned by 
Norrine (Biberdorf) Sletto

photo taken by Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman

Eleonore (Brokop) Biberdorf, Rosenau
80th birthday

June 1941

photo taken from a picture 
owned by Norrine (Biberdorf) Sletto


Eleonore (Brokop) Biberdorf

Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Kramer, Bottineau, ND

photo taken by Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman







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