Privacy Policy

The information on this site was acquired using various methods.  
Data, photos, and documents were received from family contacts, 
and a large amount was researched through public records.  
We have spent countless hours writing, e-mailing and personally visiting courthouses,
historical societies, local libraries, state libraries, the National Archives, 
genealogical societies, cemeteries, funeral homes, and family members  
in our quest for complete and thorough documentation.

We will not post anything that is not a public record, 
unless we have been given the information from a first-hand family source.

We never post birth dates of living individuals.  If we are not sure the person is living,  
we use the "rule of 100" - making sure we do not post the birth date 
unless they were born at least 100 years prior.  

It is very important to us that we be diligent with our sourcing,
and we have made every attempt to be accurate and fair in our representation of each person.





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Last updated March 26, 2007

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