Louise and Haldor's Children

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Please note: Other than listing the children of Haldor and Louise (plus their basic information), 
I am not actively pursuing lineage of their descendants at this time. If a descendant steps forward 
with data, documentation and photos, I will gladly add it, but I am not currently researching this line.
I descend from Louise's sister Ellen Marie Hagen.

1) Ole Edwin H Disrud: 
   born 05 Oct 1883 Barsness Twp, Pope, MN; photos including Ole
   died 02 Apr 1944 Starbuck, Pope, MN; death certificateobituary;
   cause of death: ruptured and gangrenous appendix with peritonitis; 
   buried Barsness Cemetery, Pope Co, MN; tombstone photo;
   WWI draft registration card

   never married

2) Edna Marie Disrud: 
   born 26 Feb 1885 Pope, MN; 
   died 08 Mar 1885 Barsness, Pope, MN

3) Ida Mary Disrud: 
   born 20 May 1886 Barsness, Pope, MN; photos including Ida;  
   died 13 Nov 1980 Starbuck, Pope, MN; death certificatefuneral card
   cause of death: myocardial infarction; 
   buried Barsness Cemetery, Pope Co, MN; tombstone photo;
   never married; no children

4) Carl John Disrud: 
   born 05 Dec 1890 Barsness, Pope, MN; news article referencing Carlphotos including Carl
   died 02 Jul 1980 Glenwood, Pope, MN; death certificateobituaries
   cause of death: hypostatic pneumonia, malignant lymphoma;
   buried Barsness Cemetery, Pope Co, MN; tombstone photo
   WWI draft registration card


   married Selma Kittelson 06 Jun 1923 Pope Co, MN; 
               (born 11 Jul 1899 Pope Co, MN; 
               died 05 Apr 1992 Starbuck, Pope Co, MN; death certificate
               cause of death: cardiac arrhythmia;  
               buried Barsness Cemetery, Pope Co, MN; tombstone photo
               daughter of Kittel Nomeland and Sigrid Omlid)
       1) Harland Charles Disrud - living?; married?; children? 
       2) Selmer Lyle Disrud - born 17 Sep 1926 Glenwood, Pope, MN; 
                died 04 Nov 1978 Fargo, Cass, ND; 
                buried Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN; tombstone photo
                U.S. Air Force - WWII; enlistment record;  
                married Bonnie Jean Winegarden on 30 Dec 1947 Starbuck, Pope, MN; (living?)
                divorced 30 Aug 1977 Pope Co, MN; 
                    1) Richard Lyle Disrud - living?; 
                             married Lynette Cheryl Buck on 26 Jun 1982 Hennepin Co, MN;
                    2) Dale Lyle Disrud - living?;  
                             married Ann Hendricks on on 13 Feb 1971 Madison, Lac qui Parle, MN; 
                    3) Keith Robert Disrud - living?;  
                             married Gwen Annette Rittgers on 15 Sep 1973 Starbuck, Pope, MN; 
                    4) Larry Wayne Disrud - living?;  
                             married Patricia Louise Peart on 21 Aug 1976 Alexandria, Douglas, MN;
                    5) Ronald Clyde Disrud - living?;  
                             married Charlotte Lynnea McIver on 19 Jun 1975 Starbuck, Pope, MN; 
                    6) Gregg Allen Disrud - living?;  
                             married Karen LaVerne Wesen on 12 Dec 1981 Starbuck, Pope, MN; 
       3) Harry Dewayne Disrud - living?; 
                  married Dorothy Elaine Benson c. 22 Nov 1958 Hennepin Co, MN  
       4) Robert Disrud - living?; married?; children? 

5) Minnie Sophie "Mina" Disrud: 
   born 24 May 1895 MN Starbuck, Pope, MN; photos including Mina
   died 05 Sep 1929 Starbuck, Pope, MN; obituaries
   buried Fron Cemetery, Starbuck, Pope, MN; tombstone photo;     
   married Martin Sigvard Overstad 22 Oct 1919 Pope Co, MN
                  (born 06 Sep 1892 Starbuck, Pope, MN; 
                  died 28 Aug 1962 Hennepin Co, MN; 
                  buried Immanuel Cemetery, Pope Co, MN; tombstone photo
                  U.S. Army - WWI; WWI draft registration card


                  son of Ole S Overstad (03 Sep 1860-06 Jun 1948 Douglas Co, MN) and 
                  Clara M ____ (06 Jan 1873-26 Mar 1929 Pope Co, MN); Ole and Clara buried 
                  Fron Cemetery, Starbuck, Pope, MN - tombstone photos
                  Martin married (2) Myrtle Otteson Holmes c. 26 Feb 1958 Pope Co, MN)
       1) Marvin Manford Overstad - born 06 Jan 1922 Pope Co, MN; 
                died 06 Jan 1922 Pope Co, MN

6) Ole H Disrud: 
   born 10 Nov 1898 Barsness, Pope, MN; photos including Ole
   died 16 Mar 1982 St Louis Park, Hennepin, MN; death certificate
   cause of death: stroke, arteriosclerosis, organic brain syndrome, 
                 seizure disorder, diverticulitis, hiatus hernia; 
   buried Barsness Cemetery, Pope Co, MN; tombstone photo;
   WWI draft registration card
   married Margaret Evelyn Wagner (born 01 Aug 1901 MN; 
                  died 22 Jan 2000 Pope Co, MN; death certificate
                  cause of death: bilateral knee fractures, ASHD, CHF, cardiac arrhythmia; 
                  buried Barsness Cemetery, Barsness, Pope, MN; tombstone photo
                  daughter of Charles Wagner and Minnie Schafer);





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