Joseph Frank Jr "Jody" Reif

 U.S. Army
 World War II

         parents:  Joseph Frank Reif and Annie Wolfe


Birth:  08 Dec 1924  Barton Co, KS
Death:  25 Feb 1945  Werder, Germany
Burial:  Ardennes American Cemetery, Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium

1930 Federal census Independent, Barton, KS - age 5
1940 Federal census Claflin, Barton, KS - age 15
U.S. Government American Battle Monuments Commission
Personal knowledge Records and photos belonging to Dean and Valerie Boman

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Miscellaneous Information

1) Cause of death: pulmonary embolism, resulting from amputation of both legs.  He had been wounded when captured during World War II, while fighting at the Battle of the Bulge.  He died at the Reservelazarett General Hospital in Werner, Germany.

2) I have copies of the last two letters that Jody wrote to his family (from Germany).

3) I have five letters to and from the U.S. Army and War Department regarding Jody's status during and after his capture, death and burial.

4) I have a newspaper article, dated 19 Jan 1945, from when Jodie was missing in action.

5) I have a certificate signed by President John F Kennedy - given in honor of Joseph Frank Reif.

6) I have a photo of Jody's Purple Heart, last known to be in the possession of Jody's sister Sophia's family.

Photos and/or signatures

personal photos from the collection of Theresa and Pete Boman, 
now owned by Dean and Valerie Boman

Joseph & Annie Reif's children
back: Mary, Rose, Theresa
front: Margaret, Jody

c. 1929


Joseph Frank "Jody" Reif Jr
class picture

1942 - age 18

Jody Reif

1943 - age 18


Joseph Frank "Jody" Reif Jr

c. 1943

Joseph Frank "Jody" Reif Jr

on back: photo take 25 Nov 1943
missing in action 22 Dec 1944
died 25 Feb 1945


War Memorial in Claflin, Kansas
Jody is listed on memorial
last name spelled incorrectly)

Joseph Frank "Jody" Reif Jr

Ardennes American Cemetery 
Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium


U.S. Military Cemetery
Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium





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