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Last name First name Birth year Death year
Howell    Ardis living? living?
Howell   Art living? living?
Howell   Jeffrey living? living?
Howell    Justin living? living?
Howell   Leo living? living?
Howell   Lisa living? living?
Howell   Lora living? living?
Howell    Russell living? living?
Huisinga    Andy unknown 1963
Huisinga    Arnold unknown unknown
Huisinga    Charles unknown unknown
Huisinga    Gene unknown unknown
Huisinga    Gerald unknown unknown
Huisinga    Leona unknown unknown
Huisinga    Richard unknown unknown
Huisinga    unknown unknown as an infant
Hurley   Christine Frances living? living?
Hurley   David living? living?
Innok Elizabeth living? living?
Irwin John E "Jack" * unknown unknown
Irwin John Howard * 1908 1978
Irwin Lynn Ann 1938 unknown
Jack Anna unknown unknown
Jacobson    Duane living? living?
Jacobson    Jeffrey living? living?
Jacobson/Sandersdatter Randi Marie * 1822 1911
Jacobson Sander unknown unknown
Jarr    May c. 1905 unknown
Jay Kristina * living? living?
Jay Lloyd * unknown unknown
Johnson  Carol A * unknown 2004
Johnson Crystal Ann living? living?
Johnson James living? living?
Johnson Kenneth living? living?
Johnson Kenneth living? living?
Juntunen Ethel Marie unknown unknown
Kalmbacher unknown living? living?
Kees John M unknown unknown
Kees Joyce K living? living?
Kees Phyllis C * living? living?
Kees Walter Charles * 1886 1973
Kellems Kristin Marie * living? living?
Kellems Richard unknown unknown
Kennedy Mary unknown unknown
Khalsa Santokh Singh living? living?
Khalsa (Owens) Shri Dharma Kaur *  1951 2007
Khalsa Shri Ved living? living?
Kirmer Barbara unknown unknown
Kittelson    Selma  1899 1992
Klebe Carl Frederick 1815 1907
Klebe Wilhelmine c. 1835 after 1928
Knaeble Susannah unknown unknown
Knight Judy living? living?
Knox Margaret unknown c. 1924
Knudson  Nels unknown unknown
Koch Peter living? living?
Koenke Helen unknown unknown
Kolstad Oscar unknown unknown
Korsberg Selma 1907 2001


Anna Kitty

unknown unknown
Kreiger Elizabeth unknown unknown
Kretschmar Otto * 1872 1957
Kretschmar Paul A * 1906 1981
Kvalheim    Cindy living? living?
Kvalheim    Donald S * 1927 1970
Kvalheim    Elizabeth unknown by Mar 2004
Kvalheim    Glenn Donald living? living?
Kvalheim    Hans Hansen * 1882 1946
Kvalheim    Harry E * 1926 2001
Kvalheim    Helen Elaine unknown by Mar 2004
Kvalheim    Helen Elizabeth * 1932 1932
Kvalheim    Jerome * 1929 1945
Kvalheim    Judy living? living?
Kvalheim    Sylvia Jeanette * 1924 2004
Lagasse    Catherine living? living?
Lagasse    Christine living? living?
Lagasse    Clayton living? living?
Lagasse    Lisa living? living?
Lagasse    Louis 1930 1975
Lagasse    William living? living?
Landmark    Inga unknown unknown
Lane    Donald LaVern * living? living?
Lane    Elizabeth Ann living? living?
Lane    James Carl * living? living?
Lane   Jane Cecelia * living? living?
Lane    Jeffrey James * living? living?
Langman Beulah A 1910 1994
Langman Gilbert Frank * 1890 1951
Langman James W living? living?
Langman William unknown unknown
Larson   Inez living? living?
Lassonde  Fred * unknown unknown
Lassonde  Tammy * living? living?
Lenard John living? living?
Leverson Keith Kelly * 1926 1985
Leverson Mark * living? living?
Leverson Marcie * living? living?
Leverson Maria * living? living?
Leverson Matthew * living? living?
Liebelt Alfred Sigismund 1907 1948
Liebelt Bernhart Alfons 1903 1979
Liebelt Clara 1893 1959
Liebelt Edward * 1866 1919
Liebelt Ella Frieda 1898 1965
Liebelt Elsie * 1896 1958
Liebelt Ewalt * 1890 1908
Liebelt Harold Edward Ernst * 1911 1928
Liebelt Herbert Berthold * 1901 1970
Liebelt Johanna Alice 1905 1989
Liebelt Lorelie Gita Gertrude * 1914 1941
Liebelt Margaretha Elisabeth 1909 1986
Liebelt unknown c. 1888-1910 c. 1888-1910
Lily Marlene living? living?
Lindbo Hunter living? living?
Lindbo Rodney living? living?
Lindgren Donald unknown unknown
Little Stanley Lyle 1924 2003
Loehr    Bart living? living?
Lokke Harold unknown unknown
Lokken Kristi unknown unknown
Lowry Virginia unknown unknown
Luther Helene 1805 before 1847
Lynch Richard Neil living? living?






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