Edward and Eleanore's Children

Please note: Other than listing the children of Edward and Eleanore (plus their basic information), 
I am not actively pursuing lineage of their descendants at this time. If a descendant steps forward 
with data, documentation and photos, I will gladly add it, but I am not currently researching this line.
I descend from Bernhard Biberdorf.

1) Ida Eleanore Biberdorf:
   see separate personal page

2) Rudolphina Biberdorf:
   see separate personal page

3) unknown Biberdorf:
   born and died c. 1880-1900

4) unknown Biberdorf:
   born and died c. 1880-1900

5) unknown Biberdorf:
   born and died c. 1880-1900

6) unknown Biberdorf:
  born and died c. 1880-1900

Note for children listed below: After Bernhard, Erick and Herman's father (Edward Biberdorf) died, their mother (Eleonore) remarried.  On 09 May 1908, her husband, Gustav Rosenau, was appointed guardian of the children. 

I have copies of five documents and letters that refer to the crops that Gustav raised on the land that was willed to Bernhard, Erick and Herman by their father, Edward Biberdorf.  Gustav was guardian of those children, and the money earned from the crops that were raised on that land had to be documented and given to the children. The letters are dated from December 1908 to October 1914. 

7) Bernhard Biberdorf:
   see separate personal page

8) Erick Biberdorf:
   born 28 Mar 1899 Russia; photos including Erick;
   WWI draft registration card;


   died 07 Nov 1973;
   cause of death: acute coronary occlusion;
   buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Willow City, Bottineau, ND;
   married Edna Alma Foth on 21 Dec 1925 
           (born 09 Aug 1903 NE; 
           died 03 Apr 1997 Brevard Co, FL; cremated;
           buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Willow City, Bottineau, ND;
           daughter of Gust Foth and Anna E ____);  
       1) Norman Erick Biberdorf - living?; 
              Norman married (1) Shirley Robinson (living?)
              Norman married (2) Emily Ringhwald (living?)
       2) Norrine Elaine Biberdorf - living?; 
              married Glen Sleto (living?)

9) Herman B Bieberdorf:
   born 31 Dec 1901 Elysian Twp, Bottineau, ND; photos including Herman;
I have 4th and 5th grade school records for Herman;
   died 01 Feb 1979;
   married Ella Emma Gabel on 11 Apr 1937 Hartford, Minnehaha, SD 
              (born 02 Sep 1905; died 27 Jul 1996 possibly Falcon Heights, Ramsey, MN);  
   marriage record for Herman and Ella;
       1) Darlene May Bieberdorf - living?; 
                married John Lenard (living?); children?
       2) Robert Lee Bieberdorf - living?; 
                married Ardele Warren (living?); children?     





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