Bernard Adair ("Bud")  Biberdorf

US Navy 

parents: Bernhard ("Ben") Biberdorf and Elsie Liebelt


Birth:  08 Oct 1924  Kramer, Bottineau, ND 
Death:  12 Dec 2008  Mesa, Maricopa, AZ
Burial:  cremated; ashes to be partially scattered at his "special memory place" and the remaining ashes to be buried in Kramer Cemetery, Kramer, ND (all at a later time).

Marriage #1

Barbara Elizabeth Ward

22 Jun 1946  Gardena, Bottineau, ND


Diane Biberdorf living?
Valerie Ann Biberdorf living?
Bernard Clay Biberdorf living?

1930 Federal census Poplar Twp, Mc Henry, ND - age 5
Family research Research belonging to Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman

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Miscellaneous Information
1) I have school records for Bud (grades 1-10).

2) I have a copy of Bud's baptismal certificate.

3) I have a copy of Bud's confirmation certificate, dated 13 Aug 1939, from the Zion Lutheran Church, Gardena, ND. 

4) Bud served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  He entered the service at Minneapolis, Minnesota, 17 Jun 1943.  He was trained at the Naval Training Center, where he received a certificate in surface detection.  He was honorably discharged at Glenview, IL, on 21 Oct 1944.  He was a Seaman 2nd class. 

5) I have a copy of Bud and Barbara's wedding certificate.

6) I have a copy of Bud's obituary, funeral program, funeral program insert (memorial) and my tribute to my dad (read at his funeral); cause of death: respiratory failure; emphysema.

Photos and/or signatures


 Lois, Dollee and Bud Biberdorf

c. 1927

 Bud, Oren and Lois Biberdorf
Confirmation Day



Bernard Adair (Bud) Biberdorf

c. 1943


Dollee, Bud and Lois Biberdorf
(Bud was on a weekend pass from the Navy)

c. 1943


Bernard Adair (Bud) Biberdorf

winter 1945-46


Bernard Adair (Bud) Biberdorf

unknown date


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