Holum/Hagen Photo #5

Photo obtained from:
the collection of Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum
1867 - 1955

Probable family:
Hagen or Holum, but could be friends,
rather than family

Approximate date:
1898? (back of photo states 1898, but I cannot 
tell if they are dating the photo or the studio)

Other information: 
Photographer: Haynes -
Selby Ave Cor., Virginia, St Paul

Probable locale:
in or around St Paul, Minnesota

Notes and/or speculation:
Possibly the children of: 
Andrew & Anna (Hagen) Erickson,
Hans & Aase (Austvold) Hagen,
Haldor & Louise (Hagen) Disrud,
Simon & Nellie (Hanson) Holum,
John & Annie (Holum) Nelson,
 Ole & Alice (Ames) Holum or
Simon & Marie (Holum) Eggum

I am not convinced this is a Holum or Hagen photo, 
as the number of children does not match anyone, 
and they don't look as "Norwegian" as most photos
I have of the family.




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